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Where to grow

- Beetroot is one plant that can tolerate a little bit of shade, but for the best results I normally grow in full sun.

- For the best harvests make sure to grow in fertile well-draining soil.


Sowing & Growing

- For a head start I recommend sowing in seed modules under cover, or in soil that has been pre warmed in late spring. If it's too cold, beetroots are likely to bolt.

- Beetroot seeds are a dried seed head that may contain 3 or 4 actual seeds so make sure to keep the best one.

- Sow seeds 3m deep in 10cm intervals in rows 30cm apart.

bettroot png.png

Between each plant

Between each row


You can go slightly closer together if you have limited space but the harvest will be slightly smaller.

- Beetroot germination is very fast at 10-14 days.

- Make sure to sow every 2 weeks to get a year round crop. Successional planting works perfectly with beetroot. If timed right you can be harvesting from late June right through to October.

- It is very important to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. If the soil is dry they will be woody, if inconsistent water they will split. 

- If it is your first year growing I recommend a bolt resistant variety for easy sowing. 



- Beetroot can be fast to crop but it usually takes between 10-15 weeks to grow.

- I like to harvest alternate beetroots at golf ball size and leave the others to grow to full size. This way you get the best of both flavours as well. Golf ball size have a sweetness to them and the mature beets have a lovely earthy taste.  

- To avoid them becoming inedible, don't let them get bigger than a cricket ball.

- Do not throw out the leaves and stems as they are also delicious.


- Boltardy: bolt resistant, dark red.

- Golden beets: orange/yellow colour

- Chioggia: dramatic pink rings in the flesh

- Red ace: classic, hardy and sturdy.

- Pablo: uniform, spherical roots and foliage

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