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At Joe's Garden, we focus on your gardening and plant needs!

Hello everyone, my name is Joe and welcome to our website and shop. Our aim is to simplify the world of plants and gardening, making it accessible to all! We offer free information via our social media, blogs, and learn page on this website. We specialise in growing your own fruit, vegetables and flowers at home. We offer hand selected products, which have been tried and tested in our garden for years, to help you achieve gardening success. 


Here at JoesGarden we are passionate about providing the information needed to aid you with your gardening success, while offering the best hand selected tried and tested products we use in our garden!


Talking to our fantastic followers we have learned:

1.    Being environmentally friendly is key

2.    Every penny matters

3.    Quality that lasts is always best

4.    Innovative and new products are important


With the support of our fantastic followers we are on a mission to meet these needs: Some of the ways we are currently doing so are:

1.    We only offer products we use ourselves. Many of the products we offer I have personally used for 10+ years.

2.    Where possible we source local

3.  We love the environment and understand a healthy environment and ecosystem is the foundation of a healthy and successful garden

4. We only work with companies who share our view on the environment

5.    At our head office and warehouse we utilise a rain capture system which allows us to reduce our tap water consumption

6.    We deliberately keep our costs low, and pass those savings on to you

7.    The whole team at JoesGarden are all gardeners and this allows us to relate and understand your needs.


We love plants and gardening and we hope to open up the hobby to everyone in a cost effective and sustainable way. So please explore our website and social media and we are always here to help you grow!





Owner & Founder

Image by Chantal Garnier

Kamile Sakalauskaite

Director of Operations

Image by philippe collard


Garden Assistant 

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