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Introducing our new product:
Garden with Joe

Over the last two years, I have been putting together a monthly sustainable gardening kit, which contains everything you need from sowing right through to harvest.

Each month we will send you the exact seasonal seeds that we are growing at JoesGarden. So you can easily grow fresh food at home! 

The kit will also include:

  • The correct sized pots made out of recycled ocean plastic.

  • The exact amount of peat free compost you will need.

  • Hand drawn custom grow guides printed with vegetable based ink.

  • Labels to name your plant babies.

  • Plant food to give them that mighty boost.

  • 10 % off code for subscribers to use in our online store.

  • Email support 

  • Free shipping to the UK

For full information click the button below to go to the Garden with Joe website!

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