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- Aubergines are a new addition to our vegetable garden, and I regret not growing them earlier! With so many varieties to try they now have a guaranteed spot on our polytunnel!

- Aubergines originate from a warm climate, if you live somewhere cool such as the UK you will need a warm summer or alternatively grow with the protection of a greenhouse or poly tunnel.

- Good fertile soil is always recommended when growing aubergines, and ideally soil that has been pre warmed.

- Full sun and shelter are essential if you want to maximise your harvest.


Sowing and Growing

- I highly recommend sowing your seeds in small pots or seed modules. This will allow you to start seeds earlier as you can utilise a windowsill or greenhouse. Aubergine seeds need high temperatures to germinate, ideally 20C and above. By planting with protection you can sow seeds 30-40 days earlier than direct sowing.

- When seedlings are big enough to pot on make sure to grow at a temp of no lower than 16*C.

- If you have a heated greenhouse you can sow in late winter/ early spring. Otherwise I wouldn’t attempt to sow any earlier than late April.

- Aubergines are perfect for growing in containers and pots. We have good success planting one plant per 35cm container.

- However, if you are sowing outside space 60cm apart.

- As with most fruiting crops make sure to water regularly, and when flowers appear feed with high potash feed.

- If sown in a hot greenhouse we recommend misting the plant to help the flowers set and reduce red spider mite. If the flowers do not set, the plant will not crop very well.

- When 3/4 fruits have formed remove all the other flowers to allow the plant to focus its energy on developing those fruits.

Between each row

Between each plant




- Aubergines normally take 18-20 weeks from seed to harvest.

- Our top tip is to harvest while the skins are still shiny to avoid a bitter tasting aubergine.




- There are so many varieties, with more and more being available every year.

- Here are some that we have grown over the past few years that we highly recommend.

- Black Beauty, Long Purple, Money Maker, Ivory, Bonica, Pinstripe.

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