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- If you select a hardy variety, broad beans will most likely be the first vegetable you sow on the plot.

- As long as the final growing position is well sheltered, broad beans will be happy. They will grow in full sun or part shade, I always grow in full sun to guarantee the best harvest.

- Broad beans like fertile and well-draining soil.

- Broad beans are one of the first crops to be ready to harvest in the garden. If well planned you can harvest from spring to autumn.

- The white and black flowers are very decorative and fragrant which will attract pollinators. You can even get purple flowering varieties. 

Sowing & Growing

-To get the earliest crop possible, if you live in a milder area you can sow a hardy variety in autumn ready for an early spring harvest.

- To guarantee the plants get a good head start I like to sow in seed modules under cover or in a greenhouse.

- If you are sowing directly, the seeds will appreciate the soil being warmed by fleece or a cloche a few weeks before sowing.

- Personally I would sow inside the greenhouse in modules or simply wait until early spring for better outside sowing conditions. 

- The final spacing should be 20cm apart in at least double rows 25cm apart.













- Once the pods start to appear make sure to support the plant. They can get very top heavy and snap in the wind.

- If you are growing over winter I highly recommend using a frost fleece when frost is forecast.

- Water well especially when flowering, I recommend 2 very big soaks a week , water containers daily. Protect with canes and string to stop them blowing over. 

- When the first pods come along, pinch out the top of the growing stem. This should help boost the crop, while also keeping blackfly at bay.



- If you have removed the tips of the plant, don’t throw them away as they are beautiful steamed.

-Pick the beans when they are the size of the thumb nail to avoid starchy taste. 

- Cut back the plant to the roots then simply leave the plant to rot, like most beans this will add nitrogen.



Aguadulce: super hardy

Crimson flowered: rich red flowers 

Red epicure: deep red beans

Sutton: Dwarf variety

Between each plant

Between each row


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