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Brussels Sprouts

- The marmite of the vegetable world, brussels are either something you love or something you hate!

- Unless you have tried home grown brussels I wouldn’t make judgement just yet. They really are a hidden gem of the gardening world.

- Brussels can take up quite a bit of room so make sure you are growing in open ground or large containers.


Sowing & Growing

- If you want to be eating your brussels in the late summer and autumn then sow in February or March. 

- If you want a winter crop then plant out in April and May. 

- Personally I wouldn’t plant where I have grown them in the last three years. 

- Sow 1cm deep in rows 15cm apart. Ideal spacing is 7-10cm between plants. 

- If you have planted your seedlings early and frost is forecast you might need to protect them with a fleece or cloche.

- Brussels will always do best in a firm moisture retentive soil. 

- When young plants are 10cm tall, plant into the final growing place. 

- Plant 60cm apart in rows 

- Plant smaller varieties 40cm apart for smaller tasty crops. 

- Water well and mulch to retain moisture.

- As the plants start to grow I like to feed them once a week with a high nitrogen feed. Also make sure you are supporting the plant with canes as they can get very top heavy.


- Early varieties 28 weeks from seed to harvest.

- Late varieties 36 weeks from seed to harvest.

- Start harvesting at the bottom while they are closed and bright and work your way upwards.

- With a downward pull carefully snap them off or you can cut them off with a very sharp knife. 

- It is argued to enhance flavour leave out for the first light frost.

- They will happily live on the plant until you need them.

- Brussels is one plant that will keep very well frozen for the future.



Red: Red Bull, Rubine

Normal: Bosworth, Caxade, Diablo, Maximus, Montgomery, Nelson, Revenge, Trafalgar, Wellington

F1 are usually the best choice, they have a better yield and the sprouts will hold onto the vine for longer. 

Between each plant

Between each row


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