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- Cabbages come in seasonal varieties, you can grow spring, summer, autumn and winter cabbages. 

- Spring and summer cabbage are normally slightly smaller and tend to be pointed. Normally spring and summer cabbage are eaten straight away as they do not store very well.  

- Autumn and winter varieties tend to be larger. These varieties can be stored for later consumption. 


Image by Dan-Cristian Pădureț

Sowing and Growing

- I like to sow spring cabbage in seed modules during late summer, so it will be ready to plant out in late autumn. The reason I sow in seed modules is to preserve space, normally during the late summer all growing area will be taken by other crops. If you have space you can sow directly.  

- Sow summer cabbage from late winter to early spring. Make sure to offer protection to seedlings during colder periods.

- Later summer cabbage will be harvested into autumn.

- Sow winter cabbage from late spring to early summer. Plant out in midsummer. As with spring cabbage the garden will normally be full during this sowing time. As a result, I like to start off in seed modules to preserve space.  

- Sow seed 2cm deep and keep 30-40cm between plants and

40-60cm between rows. 

- Water well every 7 days for the best growth. When watering if you are growing in containers or during prolonged warm dry periods, you will need to water more regularly. It is always best to do one big deep water per week rather than a daily light sprinkle.

- Occasional summer feeds will benefit summer and winter cabbages.

- If you are growing spring  cabbage feed in early spring.

- When growing cabbage I recommend a brassica collar while they are young. Pigeons can also be a problem with young cabbage, to keep this under control simply net them. 

- As cabbage grows up the stems for support as they can start to get top heavy.

Between each plant

Between each row


Spring Cabbage

2022-07-13 (4)_edited.jpg

Summer, Autumn and Red Cabbage

2022-07-13 (4)_edited.jpg
2022-07-13 (4)_edited.jpg



- Spring take 32-36 weeks from seed to sowing

- All other varieties take 20-36 weeks from seed to sowing

- When harvesting, cut through the stems just above ground level with a knife.


- Spring (pointed): Duncan, Offenham, Pixie, Pyramid, Primo 3

- Summer: Cape Horn, Derby Day, Elisa, Greyhound, Pyramid

- Red: Red Ball

- Winter: Celtic, Deadan, Hizero, January Kilaton

- Winter white: Marathon

- Savoy: Endevour, Tarvoy, Tundra, Wintessa

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