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Image by Yuval Zukerman

Where to grow

- A fantastic plant to grow in any kitchen garden but be warned, this can be a tricky one to grow!

- Celeriac is not too fussy about soil. As long as a decent amount of organic matter has been added it is happy.

- The key to success with celeriac is to have moisture retentive soil. For the best harvests this soil needs to be kept moist at all times.


Sowing & Growing

- I sow my celeriac inside the greenhouse in February in seed modules or small pots to get a head start . If you are not sowing inside, sow in March or April. The ideal temperature for a celeriac to germinate is no lower than 10C.  

- Sow two seeds in small pots and only keep the strongest

- It is normally warm enough to plant out into its final growing position in Mid spring. 

- Plant 30cm apart in rows that are 45cm apart

- Make sure not to bury the crown as this is susceptible to rot

- Mulch around the plant and keep moist at all times and remove any side shoots 

- From midsummer remove a few lower leaves to expose the crown.

- To get the crown to swell up make sure to water almost every day during hot dry periods

Between each plant

Between each row



- Celeriac will take 30-35 weeks from seed to fully grown

- Normally from September onward they are ready and if the soil is well draining they will be fine to leave in there until needed.

- Remove stem roots before cooking


-Brilliant, Diamant (AGM), Giant Prague, Monarch(AGM), Mars, Prinz

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