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- I personally have a love-hate relationship with Chicory. Chicory looks beautiful in rows planted in the garden, However, I do not think the taste matches the level of effort required to grow. However, I recommend you give Chicory a go and formulate your own opinions:

There are three main types of chicory:

      - Belgian/ Witloof

      - Radicchio/ Red chicory

      - Sugarloaf chicory


- Belgian has the characteristic pointy shape or 'chicons' as they are called. 

- Radicchio has dense, tight curled head similar to little ice gem lettuce

- Sugarloaf has large leaves that are loose

- All are very bitter with Belgian chicory normally blanched to keep a level of sweetness.

Sowing & Growing

- When it comes to planting Chicory they are not fussy and will grow in most soil types.

- Chicory are also not too picky about sun, they will grow in full sun or part shade. I have grown in both with the same level of success.

- I would recommend sowing directly with chicory and the optimal time to do so is May or June.

- Sow seeds 1cm deep

- when the chicory starts to grow thin to 25cm and space rows 30cm apart

- Chicory can be fast to bolt so water regularly to avoid this.

- If you are blanching Belgian chicory, cover with a light proof pot as it starts to grow.

Between each plant

Between each row


Chicory Witloof/ Belgium


Sugar Loaf/ Radicchio



-Belgian: Apollo, Zoom

-Sugarloaf: Grumolo Verde, Pan di Zucchero

-Red Chicory: Pall a Rossa, Treviso Precooe Mesola, Variegata di Castlefranco

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