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Image by Gil Ndjouwou

- Corn salad is one crop that can be grown year round, even in cooler climates. Just make sure to offer a level or protection during winter frost.

- Corn salad is also more commonly known as lambs lettuce or Mache.  

- Two main varieties: 

      - large leaf, floppy light green

      - upright leaf, dark green


Sowing & Growing

- Corn salad is not a fussy plant when it comes to soil, it will handle most soil conditions. 

- Corn salad will grow in full sun or partial shade but I recommend planting in full sun for the best harvests.

- Sow corn salad outside from April onwards.

- Sow 1cm deep and thin to 10cm between plants and 15cm between rows

- Weeds can be a problem when growing corn salad, make sure to keep on top of the weeds and also water regularly.


Between each plant

Between each row



- There are two main ways to harvest corn salad.

- The first and my favourite is cut and come again. Slice off the larger outside leaves leaving the smaller leaves to grow back.  

- The other method is to slice off whole plant just above the base and wait for the plant to re-sprout

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