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- Edible flowers are a fantastic addition to any salad but if you want to get even more creative you can freeze them in the middle of ice cubes.

- Flowers will wilt fast once picked so make sure to use the same day for the best flavours

- When harvesting don't pick just the flower petals, but rather the whole head


You want to plant these every year in rows like you would normal veggies 

English or pot marigolds = deadhead to keep growth

Cornflower = slightly sweet almost clove flavour

Nasturfium = peppery tase, the fresh seed heads can be picked like capers 

Tagetes = distinctive zesty flavour, don't use blowsy french or african marigolds 

Heartsease = sweet fragrant flavour

Flowers from crops

Courgette and squash = really tasty stuffed with cheese and using male flowers wont affect your crops. Pick before they fully open and remove central part

All onion family = they are stronger than the leaves in flavour

Rocket = Taste just like the leaves



Nearly all herb flowers are edible 

Basil = milder than leaves

Borage = Taste like cucumber, good for drinks

Chive = mild onion taste

Dill = stronger than the leaves

Fennel = mild aniseed flavour

Lavender = sweet flavour

Majoram = milder than leaves

Mint = strong mint flavour

Oregano = mild version of leaves 

Rosmary = milder than the leaves 

Sage = milder than the leaves

Did you know

All roses are edible and the flavour depends on the petals type an colour

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