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This is a form of leaf chicory that is USA they do

call chicory 

Naturally they are bitter in taste and to mellow the

taste you can blanch them

It will grow in any decent fertile soil

While it prefers full sun it will deal with part shade


Don't get too eager to sow, wait until April to sow inside but if sowing direct do this in june

Sow 1cm deep, 25cm between plants and 25cm between rows




Cover with pots or simply tie the broad leaf areas? outer leafs together to blanch the leaves


Either cut a few leaves as and when you need 

Or slice off the bottom and wait for new plants to sprout

Cover with cloches in winter


Curly endive = frenzy, pancalien, wallonne

Broad leafed = cornet de bordeaux, natacha

Image by micheile dot com
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