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Image by team voyas

- Garlic needs to be planted in the Winter so it is

exposed to a month of cold weather. This allows the garlic to break into cloves. If a garlic is not exposed to cold weather it will grow into one giant bulb almost like an onion.

- For the best results with garlic they will need to be planted in full sun and good well-draining soil. Well-draining soil is essential to stop the soil getting waterlogged over the winter months causing the bulb to rot.

- It may be tempting to plant garlic from the store, but that is not advised. While it may work those bulbs may contain viruses or will most likely be grown in a warmer climate.

- There are two main varieties, soft neck which has a strong flavour and stores well and hard neck which is milder in flavour.


- To keep your plot healthy I wouldn’t recommend planting where you may have grown allium family crops in the last 2 years

- Plant at any time over the winter, but October will give you the best results

- Simply Divide cloves individually and plant out in blocks 

- Plant just below the surface with the pointy end facing upwards 15cm apart from each other and 25cm apart from last row

Between each plant

Between each row

- Weeds can be a real problem when growing garlic. Regular weeding is essential if you want to have the best possible harvest. To make this easier you can grow garlic through weed mats.

- Water occasionally, but more often during dry spells, but 

Stop watering when bulbs are fully formed as this affects storage



- If you have never tasted the unique flavour of green garlic, harvest some in early summer to try.

- If you are harvesting main crop harvest when stems turn yellow

- Lay out bulbs somewhere frost free and dry, I leave mine in the outside shed.

- Garlic will easily store for 6 months or more if dried


- Elephant garlic: Not technically garlic but a fun one to try. It has a much softer flavour and truly massive bulbs.

- Arno, Cristo, Early white, Gemidour, Long keeper, Purple Wight, Solent white

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