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- In a cooler climate melons can be rather tricky

to grow. However, with the protection of a

greenhouse or poly tunnel it is possible to get a

great harvest.

- If you live in a cooler climate such as the UK it is

best to try to grow Cantaloupe, as they are the most

likely to ripen.

- Plant melons out in the warmest sunniest part of the garden. 

- Melons will appreciate lots of organic matter dug into the soil.


Sowing and Growing 

- Start to sow inside or in propagators in mid spring. Make sure the minimum temperature is 15C before trying to sow for the best germination rates.

- Plant out in the greenhouse in May or June.

- The best time to plant out is when three or four true leaves have formed.

- They will grow the best once the minimum temperature is 18C.

- My preferred method of growing melons is in 30cm pots, however, if you are planting in rows space 60cm apart.

- Always keep your melons well-watered.

-They will appreciate a liquid feed once a week while fruiting 

-If you are growing inside a greenhouse make sure to hand pollinate the flowers. To do this just tickle the flowers with a little paint brush.

- Keep no more than four fruits per plant to ensure all fruits ripen 

- Pinch outside shoots after two leaves have grown after a female flower. Pinch out the top of the plant once it reaches 5ft tall to encourage side shoots

- Once the fruits start to appear lift them off the floor by adding some straw under the fruit to prevent any potential rot. If your plant is growing up a trellis make sure to protect the fruits with a net to support the weight. 



- Approximate time from sowing to harvest is 13-16 weeks depending on the variety and weather.

- If the fruits have a lovely melon fragrance when you are stood near the plant this is great sign they are ready for harvest.

- The stalks around the melon tend to soften when the fruit is ready to harvest.



- Cantaloupe: Charentais, Edonis, Ogen, Sweetheart

- Musk: Blenheim Orange

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