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- In the western world we have started to only associate pumpkins and squash with halloween decorations. However, us gardeners are all to aware of the hidden joys of growing and eating pumpkins and squashes and the wide ranch of varieties that are now available. 

- Pumpkins and squash are greedy plants. As a result make sure they are planted in nutrient rich soil and will require a really good drink twice a week (more if grown in large pots/containers) 

- Here are some of my top varieties to try at home:



Image by Nadine Primeau

Baby Boo


-If you are growing a pumpkin for the purpose of a halloween

decoration then look no further. Baby Boo pumpkins as the

name suggests are a smaller variety and will happily grow in

45cm pot up a bamboo cane trellis. 

- Baby boo pumpkins are also a striking white colour, which

can add some variety to your halloween decorations. 

-Baby boo do not have any other special growing requirements,

so for growing tips simply follow our pumpkins and squash grow


Image by Clark Wilson

Atlantic giant 


-Atlantic giant pumpkins can be a real show stopper if grown

with the right conditions. 

- They can grow into the thousands of pounds in weight and

even in our colder damp climate, I have managed to grow one

to 200lbs!

- Sow the seeds in a heated greenhouse or on a windowsill in

April to allow enough time for the fruits to fully develop in our

short growing season. 

-This is one variety that I would not grow in a container. Not

only will this not provide enough moisture and nutrition, but

these are very large plants and will need a large patch of land

to sprawl out on. 

Image by Kateryna Hliznitsova

Patty Pan 'sunburst'


- Lovely little yellow squash that are harvested while small

- They are perfect for pickling or even harvested and added

to salads 

-  For my preference the ideal size to harvest is when the fruit

is around 5 to 7cm

Image by Justus Menke



-Butternut squash needs no introduction! This is one squash

you will find in all supermarkets and grocery stores. 

- This squash is a favourite for cooking. Whether it is blended

into soups, baked in the over or even fried butternut squash

is a must for all kitchen gardens that have space

- There are various varieties of butternut squash and in my

opinion they are all equally sweet and there is no right or

wrong choice

Image by Louis Hansel

Spaghetti Squash


-If you only have space for one squash on your vegetable

patch this is the one I would go for! 

-Spaghetti squash is rapidly becoming more popular, and

there is good reason for that! When cooked the flesh

separates into a delicious healthy alternative to Spaghetti. 

- They can be quite large plants but I have successfully grown

them in pots up a trellis

- As the squash starts to ripen it will turn a lovely yellow colour

giving you a visual indication on when to harvest.

Image by Nicola Nuttall

Turks Turban


- Lovely little attractive fruits, that almost appear to have

their own little hat.

- These are often seen pilled up in Halloween displays

-While edible there are better options if you are growing a

squash or pumpkin to eat. Turks Turban are much better

grown as an autumn ornamental 

Image by Jonny Swales

Little Gem Rolet


- A lovely little squash that are harvested when the fruits are

no larger than a tennis ball!

- If you have a sweet tooth this is the squash for you, when

cooked it has a lovely sweet flavour while not loosing the

destinctive squash taste. 

- To save time this can be cooked without peeling 

- Does not require a large growing space so perfect for those

smaller spots 

Image by Jeremy Bezanger

Queensland Blue


-One of my favourites to grow, it is a large winter squash

with a beautiful blue/grey skin

- Inside they have a beautiful golden flesh that is a real

winter treat when baked

- They do grow to a decent size 5 to 12kg 

Image by Nikki Son

Autumn Crown 


- This is one you may have trouble finding seeds but

if you get the chance it is a must grow.

- Autumn crown is a cross between the very attractive

crown prince squash and the chefs favourite butternut


- It has a very unique sweet but nutty flavour that is a

must try 

Image by Ripley Elisabeth Brown 🧿 ៚
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