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Okra Basket


- This is a fantastic addition to any kitchen garden and if you have the climate it is a must grow!

- Okra is often referred to as ladies fingers 

- Visually they are long pods which when cut open contain white seeds inside 

- For the best growth Okra will need a warmer climate or in a cooler climate at least the protection of a greenhouse or poly tunnel 

- Okra will need to be grown in full sun, away from wind and planted in a rich moisture retentive soil 


Sowing and Growing

- Okra originates from a warmer climate so make sure you can offer the heat it needs.

- When sowing from seed I would wait until the soil temperature is at least 15C.

- As a result you may need to start off inside or in a propagator in March or April.

- If warm enough plant out the seedlings in June or July, In the UK or similar climates for the best chance of success plant in greenhouses .

- They can be grown in large containers but will need more regular watering.

- If you decide to plant them in rows space the plants 50cm apart.

- Sometimes Okra can be rather tricky to germinate, a good tip is to soak the seeds in a bowl of warm (not hot) water for an hour before sowing. It is also wise to sow in a propagator to provide optimal germination conditions. 

- Transplant once the plant reaches around 10 to 15cm tall.

- If the weather during the summer months is poor often your okra will not ripen. You may have done everything correct but it will simply need more heat.



- I like to harvest when the pods are no larger than 10cm but ideally around the 6cm size.

- Any bigger than 10cm and they will get very tough and almost to the point of being inedible.



-Clemsons Spineless 

-Pure Luck

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