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Image by Kelly Common

Onions can be grown either in sets (small bulbs)

or by seeds

Seed is cheaper but will take much longer

Onions like full sun and fertile soil

They also can't be grown where you have grown other

onion family plants in the last 2 years


If sowing from seed start in late winter as soon as the soil is workable

If it is still cold sow in seed modules

They need a min temp of 5*c 

I like to sow in 10cm spacing to avoid thinning as the smell attracts onion fly

For sets you can grow in seed modules but it is best in march to plant direct 8cm apart in rows 30cm apart

Plant with just the tops sticking out 

Birds like to pull them out so use a net

During dry spells, water but be careful not to overwater as it can lead to rot. Also will stop the final growth stage if overwatered so avoid after midsummer

A feed in the summer early months


It takes about 20 weeks from start to finish 

When leaves start to turn yellow this is when they are ready for harvest 

You can store them someplace dry successfully




Hyred = deep red, resistant to bolting and super sweet

Red baron = slightly flattened, strong taste and will store well 

Setton = high yielding yellow

Snowball = Pale with mild taste 

Sturon = medium size that store well 

Tree onion = small ones at top stem, leaves make good chives.  

Between each plant

Between each row

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