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Image by philippe collard

- Radishes are possibly one of the easiest crops to grow, if you are a beginner and are looking for a good crop to start with look no further.

- Radish are not fussy when it comes to soil but they are not too keen on freshly manured soil. 

- For the best results grow in full sun but they can handle part shade too.

- Radish make a fantastic filler crop. They are great to plant in between slower growing crops to fill gaps as radish can grow from seed to harvest in 30 days. Radish can also be sown in lines to create a diving line between crops. 



- Radish can be grown inside from January, sow undercover from March and you can direct sow out from April.

- The simplest way to grow radishes is to scatter in blocks and thin back the plants to one per 3cm.

- Radish can also be sown in rows and space out 15cm between rows.

- Once they start to grow make sure to keep them well watered, if radishes start to dry out they will turn woody and the taste will be very spicy.

- Possibly one of the fastest crops from seed to harvest, they can be ready to harvest in less than a month.



- Radish are best when harvested while young as that is when they have their best flavour.

- Ideally harvest when the radish is no larger than a big marble.

- Harvest every three weeks and keep sowing every week to have a constant harvest all summer long.



- There are a surprising amount of radish varieties but here are a few of my favourites  

- Pink beauty: A vibrant pink skin with white flesh 

- Misato Rose Flesh: Otherwise known as watermelon radish due to its white skin and purple flesh 

- Viola: A beautiful purple skin with a fiery kick 

- Prinz Rotin: A lovely deep red marble shape 

- Bright lights: A colourful mix of colours 

- Black Spanish Round: one of the few naturally black coloured crops you can grow

- French Breakfast: A reliable classic that has a long  shape 

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