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Image by Christopher Previte

- A fantastic summer crop, which are easy to grow and take up very little space on your plot

- Spring Onion are a member of the Allium family and are the fastest from seed to harvest

- Spring Onion will always grow the best in full sun and free draining soil, however they can handle partial shade


Sowing and Growing 

- There are two main ways to sow spring onion seeds

- The first and easiest way to grow spring onions is to scatter the seeds on the soil and thin the seedlings back to four centimeters between each one. The thinned seedlings are edible and are fantastic in salads. 

- The second way way of growing is to simply start off by spacing in rows four centimeters apart. This can be time consuming while planting but will save you time down the line as you will not have to thin out the crop

- Spring onions are a fantastic small space crop and will be happy planted in open soil, grow bags, containers or raised beds

- If growing in containers make sure to water well and do not let the soil dry out

- It is possible to overwinter spring onions in the winter with the correct protection. They will need to be cloched or grown inside a greenhouse 



- Begin to harvest before the plant becomes too large this is normally at fifteen to twenty centimeters high 

- Start by harvesting the biggest onions leaving room for the smaller ones to develop 

-  If you enjoy the root end leave in the ground slightly longer as like other onions this will develop into a bulb

- If they run to flower those flowers are edible 



- White Lisbon: My chosen variety, this is a fast growing tried and tested onion 

-  Apache

- North Holland blood red

- Eiffel 

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