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- Swedes will grow best in alkaline soil, if you

have acidic soil and are planning on growing

them consider adding lime.

- Swedes are prone to rot in waterlogged soil so

make sure the soil is free draining. 

- They will like soil that has organic matter added to it.

For the best results its best if the organic matter that has

been added was intended for the previous crop, with a touch

of fertiliser added before sowing. 


Sowing and Growing 

- Sow your seeds direct where the plant is to grow.

- Sow seeds 2-4cm deep but keep sowings 20cm apart.

- Space out the rows of swedes 45cm apart.

- It can take swedes up to 25 weeks to be ready for harvest. While it may be tempting to speed this process by sowing early, if sown while the soil is too cold and damp mildew can be a real issue.

- When growing Swedes it is important to keep them well watered and to also keep the watering consistent. Poor watering can lead to cracked Swedes with an almost inedible texture.

- It is worth netting swedes to protect them from flea beetle and cabbage root fly.



- Swedes will start to mature from September, but they will happily store in the ground right through into January.

- If you are planning on storing the swedes in the soil it is essential the soil has great drainage! if the soil get waterlogged the swedes will rot.

- Be careful while storing because they have a tendency to turn woody if left for too long.









Image by Nick Fewings
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Between each plant

Between each row


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