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Image by Louis Hansel

- The name is slightly misleading as sweet potatoes are not actually potatoes.

- When growing sweet potatoes space is key, they need a lot of room to sprawl out as they are very large plants.

- Sweet potatoes will grow best in rich fertile soil that is well draining to prevent any rot.



- Sweet potatoes should be grow from rooted cuttings known as slips rather than starting from seed.

- Wait for the soil to warm up before planting out. In a cooler climate it may be worth waiting until at least late May before sowing.

- Plant the slips at 5-8cm deep and 45cm apart. 

- Sweet potatoes will always grow best in deep and fertile soil that retains moisture without being waterlogged. 

- I like to use a watering device called an olla to get the water to the roots, the same outcome can be achieved by burring a bottle into the soil with holes in the bottom of the bottle





- Sweet potatoes respond well to heat, for the best harvests good summer weather is key.

- If sown in May/June they should be ready around September. 

- Make sure to harvest before any risk of frost. 

- When the leaves turn yellow this is the time to lift your potatoes

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