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Image by Marek Studzinski

- Sweetcorn should never be planted as individual plants, always in blocks of multiple plants. The reason being is because sweetcorn is pollinated by the wind so has to be planted in blocks where the plant can gently sway into one another.

- It is a very tender plant so do not be tempted to plant out too early. Make sure all risk of frost has passed before planting out and if a late frost is forecast make sure to cover with a protective fleece.

- Although they are pollinated by the wind they will appreciate some shelter away from strong winds which can break their stems. If strong winds are forecast protect the plants by using a simple cane and twine trellis as seen below

- Plant out in full sun in rich fertile soil.



- Start sowing sweetcorn seeds undercover in small pots or seed trays in late March at an ideal germination temperature of 18C.

- When the sweetcorn has grown to 10-15cm carefully remove the seedling and plant out in the final growing position.

- Be careful when transplanting as the roots do not like too much disturbance.

- If a late frost is forecast it is essential the plants are protected with a frost fleece or cloche as they are not frost hardy plants.

- Always sow your sweetcorn in block allowing 30cm between each plant 

- The minimum amount of plants I sow is 16 in a 4x4 block.

- Sweetcorn are only fussy with water when they are developing cobs. During this period keep well-watered.

- As these cobs begin to swell they will benefit from a weekly feed of liquid seaweed.

- Once the silks start to appear at the top of the cobs give the plant a very gentle shake to pollinate from the tassels at the top of the plant. 



- Time from sowing to harvest depends on weather conditions and the variety you are growing. The average approximate time is 12-18 weeks.

- Once the tassels at the top of the cob have turned brown you can check if the corn inside is ready to harvest.

- The easiest way to do this is to peel back the husk just enough to see the corn and gently push your nail into a corn, of the liquid is milky they are ready if not gently cover back up and wait a few more days.

- Once they are ready simply twist the ripe corns off the stem.



 - Here are a few of my top picks:

- Kelvedon glory, Earlibird, Early Extra Sweet, Glass Gem, Popping Corn, Sweet Nugget, Lark, Mini Pop, Swift

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