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Image by Shelley Pauls

- Most of these beans require a warmer climate, if you live in a cooler climate you will need a greenhouse or polytunnel before trying to grow.

- These varieties are not overly beginner friendly.


Soya Bean

- A fantastic bean to grow however they do need a warmer

climate. If you cannot offer them a warmer climate it is

probably not worth trying to grow this bean.

- They will need a summer temperature of 20-30C

- There are a select few newer varieties that will tolerate

slightly lower temperatures.

- To make the common edamame beans you find in food

establishments simply boil soya beans and add some salt.

- They are a fantastic source of protein.

- They grow the same way as French Beans.


Lima Beans

- Better known as butter beans.

- They grow the same way as French Beans if you are

growing bush varieties.

- They grow the same way as runner beans if you are

growing climbing varieties.

- Lima Beans will grow in slightly lower temperatures

than soya beans making growing them more possible

in cooler climates. They will need 20C to germinate so

sow indoors or in a propagator.

- Lima beans will need to grow in full sun to reach their

full potential.


Yard long Beans

- In cooler climates a greenhouse or polytunnel is

essential and even with the aid of these it can still be


- It is very hard to get the beans to even half a yard.

Image by Daniela Paola Alchapar
Image by Łukasz Rawa
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